Styling For Men

We help men of all ages and professions develop their personal style by creating uncomplicated workable wardrobes.

A comprehensive style guide is provided with all sessions, ensuring all advice provided can be easily replicated after your session.

All styling is tailored to suit your needs.  
Choose a wardrobe session, a shopping session or both.


Wardrobe Session

Revive your wardrobe with a relaxed and informative session aimed at providing you with lots of advice on how to style your existing clothing as well as leave you with an edited and reorganised space.

During this process, a list of items that will add value to your current clothing is compiled to help you transition into a completely workable wardrobe.

2 hour session



We help you source items for a completely coordinated and workable wardrobe. Items are selected to suit your personal style, taste and budget. Walk away with a stash of style ideas and stores to make shopping in the future quick and easy.

Great for seasonal wardrobe updates or shopping for special occasions.  

2 hours $260
3 hours $350
4 hours $460

Wardrobe + Shopping

Get your wardrobe sorted and your style back on track with a Wardrobe + Shopping package held over one day (or two separate sessions if preferred).





wardrobe + 3 hrs shopping

wardrobe + 4 hrs shopping

All prices are inclusive of GST

Thanks for the guide. I was looking at it over the weekend and it is fantastic.

I really enjoyed the day last week. It is amazing what you can get accomplished when you have an expert guiding you. I can see why [my wife] says it is addictive.