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Revive your wardrobe with a fun and informative session aimed at providing you with lots of advice on how to style your existing clothing as well as leave you with an edited and reorganised space.




Perfect for those who are keen to learn how to explore the colours and clothing styles that are most suitable.

Great for a quick seasonal update or occasions.  

3 hrs $350


Style Packages

Get your style back on track with a Wardrobe + Shopping package held over two separate sessions.


Express $600


Styling For Men

We help men of all ages and professions develop their personal style by creating uncomplicated workable wardrobes.

from $275


Styling At Home

This service is perfect for those who feel they need a little inspiration when putting outfits together using their existing clothing.

from $260

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A note on body shape and skin tone.

During your style session, we will provide you with information regarding your particular body shape and skin tone. The intent behind this information is to give you total fashion freedom.  Freedom gained by being kind to yourself and knowing the clothing shapes that work best on your body. This information is optional. We care more about how you feel in your clothes rather than then being ‘technically correct’.