Wardrobe SESSION 

2.5 Hour Session

A wardrobe consultation is the best place to start your personal styling experience as it will enlighten you to the combinations that already exist in your wardrobe.

Choosing what to wear each day should be a joyful experience.This is accomplished by assessing your clothing and  deciding together if each item fits into our vision of a workable wardrobe.Don't worry, you don't have to throw things away, or remove items that you love.

During the process, a list of  items that will add value to your current clothing is compiled to help you transition into a completely workable wardrobe.

The Wardrobe Session Includes:

  • Discuss your clothing needs, lifestyle, and the fashion style you would like to achieve
  • Body Shape Analysis
  • Skin Tone Analysis
  • Assess, organise and edit your wardrobe
  • Create a variety of outfits and show you how to gain greater use from existing items
  • Identify any gaps in your wardrobe and provide a list of items that will add value to your existing items and provide you with greater outfit choices.
  • Duration 2.5 hrs

A full report is provided (within approximately 10 days of your appointment) that delivers your specific skin tone, body shape and styling advice.

Wardrobe Session $275

Services available within a 50km radius of Melbourne CBD only.

All prices are inclusive of GST


A note on body shape and skin tone.

During your style session, we will provide you with information regarding your particular body shape and skin tone. The intent behind this information is to give you total fashion freedom.  Freedom gained by being kind to yourself and knowing the clothing shapes that work best on your body. This information is optional. We care more about how you feel in your clothes rather than then being ‘technically correct’.