Thank you for such a fun day last week. Your guidance and expertise was greatly appreciated.

I have a whole new love for clothes shopping, something I have always loathed and found frustrating is now something I actually want to do. I have thrown out all the things in my wardrobe that I will never wear again and that in itself is a good feeling.


I've definitely been having much more fun and have also been feeling more confident/competent since we had our session together as I'm being more creative when putting on my clothes. 

Thank you so much again for introducing me to the world of Melbourne and my own fashion!


Thank you so much for a fabulous shopping and styling experience. I have been utilising some of your tips each day and really appreciate the style guide you have sent through. Your expertise is amazing and I'm certainly shopping with much more confidence now. I have been raving about the experience to all my friends, family and work colleagues! 


Had a fantastic day shopping with Emily last Friday, fun, energetic and fantastic with styles and colours, especially make up and lip colours. Highly recommend a day with Emily, had a blast, time went way too fast, as usual!

I went shopping with Emily just over a month ago and I had a blast! I had been turning into a 'tracky' mum and I'm very pleased to report that since my shopping day, I've only worn my tracksuit in the garden! I'm really enjoying putting effort into my appearance every day. I feel great! Thanks for all of the advice and a really fun shopping day.

Thanks for the guide.  I was looking at it over the weekend and it is fantastic.

I really enjoyed the day last week.  It is amazing what you can get accomplished when you have an expert guiding you.  I can see why [my wife] says it is addictive.

You made [shopping] look so easy the other day, which is why I plan on having more shopping trips with you in the future..thanks again for your expertise!

Thank you so much again!! The best thing I've done!! I've gotten rid of all my old clothes... Well most as most of them needed to go. I ordered the shoes and pants online and have gotten pretty much everything I wanted to get now.  Might go back on Friday for another look around without my son! 
Thank you so much for everything!!! 

I have been shopping with Meagan a few times and always love it!!! Today we took my husband to be, to get a suit, shoes, shirt, & belt for our wedding which we achieved without getting into 1 fight!
We also managed to get some casual clothes!
Thanks Meagan you are the best!

Meagan you are amazing! After years of struggling with what to wear, spending hours aimlessly walking around shops and coming back with nothing. I have now turned into a shopaholic!! (7 new pairs of shoes and no boring ones to be seen!!) I have loved the whole VIP experience with you, the best part for me was the shopping trip - it was the most fun I have had in ages. You have given me a new found confidence and style, which suits my active life and I can’t thank you enough. Even though I can now walk into shops knowing the style and colour of clothes that suit me, I will still be in contact with you to do my winter wardrobe in the next few months as your advice is invaluable and you keep pushing my boundaries which I love.

Once again thanks heaps for all you have done not only for me but my family as well. xx

Countries with depressed economies ought to clone you! 
I have really enjoyed giving away the good clothing that didn't serve me well and my friends have been delighted to receive it. Meantime I have enjoyed selecting fresh new choices from a wardrobe I'm happy to open!  I am very grateful for all your tactfully given advice!  

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so very much for spending the day with me yesterday.  It was absolutely fantastic and you have given my wardrobe new life and a great sense of confidence in myself and my style!


I just wanted to say thank you! 

The girl in me who walked out of stores sad thinking her body was the issue will always be grateful 😘

I'm also grateful for a better understanding of my style and the encouragement to consider different styles. 

You're the best, wished I'd met you earlier !

Thanks Meagan, I had a ball last weekend shopping with you.

I have been really surprised how I've been able to mix [everything] with my limited existing wardrobe and feel so much more like I've dressed with purpose!!  I've been getting lots of comments at work, even when I'm wearing my old clothes!!

Thank you so much for your help.. It has made mornings so much easier and I feel so much more confident in my personal style and what works for me.

Just wanted to say again a huge thank you for Friday. I know it is your job, but you are certainly remarkable at it. When I went back into [stores], all the girls in the shop kept raving about you.   I'm already enjoying expanding my creativity to my wardrobe so much more. 

I have to thank you for the wonderful day we spent with you.  Thank you for having me tag along with my daughter, I really appreciated it, and you made us both feel so comfortable.

You have changed her opinion of herself and given her back some of her confidence.  It is lovely to see her trying on outfits and feeling good about herself.

I can’t thank you enough.

I'm having so much fun with everything, enjoying getting dressed every day. And I know what I'm looking for in future purchases to build on what I have.

You have changed the way I see myself, clothes and bringing out the best of my features. I'm loving every part of it.

Through out the full styling process you have helped me achieve what I wanted to & so much more, the new fresh me! You are great at what you do, thank you.

I think about you (almost) everyday when I dressing! Even if I’m having a difficult moment it’s amazing I still look great, actually, FANTASTIC.  I don’t panic about “what to wear” everything looks great, everything matches and everything is ME.  You have made such a difference to the way I dress and treat myself and I wanted to say thank you again.  THANK YOU.  There ought to be a Public Holiday in your honour.  Foxy power to you, love your work.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for pushing me outside my comfort zone!!! Had heaps of comments today on my statement shoes. Loving my new look!

Meagan, thanks so much for a wonderful day.  It was everything I had hoped for. Your advice was great and your taste spot on for what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to wearing all of my new clothes - I'm even looking forward to going to work on Monday!

I just wanted to send a word of thanks for spending time educating me on all things fashion.

I have since purchased purposefully and have loved getting to know new brands.

I'm having so much fun with my clothes and am being complimented for my style, which is always lovely.

Anyway, you're the best and I wanted to make sure you knew how wonderfully talented you are. 


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